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1. Protect The Nature

Use Non-Toxic, Organic, Animal

Friendly And Natural Resources.

2. Act Climate-Friendly

Save Energy

Use Renewable Energy

Save Water

Produce Locally

Cause Less Waste.

3. Uphold Human Rights
Ensure Healthy


Fair Working Conditions.

4. Support The Culture

Support local Traditions & Communities

Democratic Politics

Education in Developing Countries.

5. Reuse

Use Recyclable Materials




The fashion industry is one of the world's biggest polluters and notorious for it's low wages worldwide, all to keep up with the fast fashion trends in an age of immediate gratification. As clothing manufacturers and global citizens, we take this into consideration at Qaytu Collection  throughout our design and production processe.

While we aim to keep the core of our manufacturing here in our local Arequipa community, we do produce a small percentage of our raw goods and garments with trusted partners overseas. We ensure that we only produce our product in factories that provide fair, livable wages, and healthy, humane working conditions for all team members. Each of our partners share our mission of equality, transparency and a more ethical future for fashion.

In house, our small team prioritizes a low waste design process and are continuously working on new initiatives for our donation program, focusing on human and environmental rights. This means we're crafting a product you can feel good in, both inside and out.

friendly industry
Dincas by Qaytu
Qaytu Collection Knitwear manufacturer
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